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Pi2Jamma V2 Premium Version


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Find here the famous Pi2Jamma V2,

to use the Raspberry Pi into your jamma cabinet.


The Premium offers the following additional features compared to the Pro version:

- Adjustable screen color strength via the built-in RGB amplifier

- An adjustment axle for the strength of the screen colors

- Chamma support Button 6 for players 1 and 2 are placed on Jamma pin 27 and pin e. This Jamma extension is often use in 6 Buttons Arcade Cab. The Chamma support can be switched on and off.

- CPS2 Kick Harness interface. Many Candy Cab support this interface for button 4,5,6 Players 1 and Player 2.

- Extra pin header interface for video signal image converters or similar can be connected here.

- Extra pin header interface for all free GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi

- Support of the switch signal can be switched on and off


Both Pi2Jamma V2 versions offer:

- Native 15 khz Pixel perfect video output

- Direct lagless controls

- Sound amplifier with volume control

- 6 buttons support for each player

- Jamma interface

- Plug'n Play

- new Design for mounting Raspberry Pi and an enclosure

- Support all Raspberry Pi Version with 40 pin GPIO: RPi3B, RPi3b+, RPi4


No expensive and laggy USB encoder, HDMI, VGA, CGA adapter.

No modifications must be done on your arcade cab like other solutions, ... just Pi2jamma.



- 1 x Pi2Jamma V2 adapter

- 1 x Jack male to male audio cable.


Select in the option a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or Pi4 and an SD Card.




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Pi2Jamma has many distributions. You will find standard ones here:






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Pi2Jamma V2 Premium Version

Pi2Jamma V2 Premium Version

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