Crown JLF Conversion Shaft


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The crown 309 Series is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the unique feel of an authentic Korean joystick.

However, the accessories available to these joysticks are extremely limited.

The 309's battop is permanently attached to the joystick, which means that you can't swap it with another color, or even a balltop.

This is a stack contrast to Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks, whose 35mm balltops and battops are interchangeable.


Now you can enjoy the incredible variety of Sanwa, Seimitsu and JLF compatible accessories with the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft.

The Crown JLF Conversion Shaft replaces the default Crown 309-MJ joystick shaft and battop.


The Crown JLF Conversion Shaft features a 3mm hollow bode.

this allow you to wire a joystick LED for spectacular light effects.

The shaft height is approximately 79mm - sized to mimic the clearance space from joystick base to JLF style accessory.

The diameter is the same as the original Crown shaft, keeping the same throw distance intact.


The Crown Conversion shaft is compatible with Crown original 30-FK, older 307, and the more recent iteration 309-MJ.


Installing the shaft portion of the JLF-CD shaft is not recommanded due to small diameter of Crown 307 and 309 series joystick body where shaft resides.

JLF-CD dustwasher is compatible.



- 1 x Crown JLF Conversion Shaft.




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Crown JLF Conversion Shaft

Crown JLF Conversion Shaft

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