iL Magnetic Joystick Red Balltop - Short


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The iL Magnetic Stick is a short throw magnetic centering joystick.

There is no spring in this joystick, return to center is handle by a powerful magnet.


Valuable for schmups due to it's short and ultra fast return to center,

this joystick isn't recommended for fighting games.


It can easily be switched between 4 or 8 ways, by flipping the white switch toward the bottom of the joystick

that actually rotate the built-in restrictor plate from square to diamond, as well as rotating the actuator.



- Fits wood control panels

- Easy switch between 4 or 8 ways operation

- Microswitch connectors: 6,3 mm

- Compatible with all Sanwa, Seimitsu and Hori handles



- 1 x iL Magnetic Joystick




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iL Magnetic Joystick Red Balltop - Short

iL Magnetic Joystick Red Balltop - Short

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