Supergun MAK Strike V3 - Arcade Forge


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Jamma Supergun made in germany by Arcade Forge.

Use all your Jamma PCB on your TV set.



- Auto switch to AV

- Stereo or Mono audio output selected by switch

- Audio output: SCART, 2 RCA connectors and screw-in terminal

- +5v display

- Molex connector for PC Power Supply

- Screw-in terminal for all signals

- On/Off Switch with Power LED

- Controllers: 2 Neo Geo compatible ports

- Start Player 1, Start Player 2, Coin, Test, and Service tactile Press Buttons.

- RGB 3 channel adjusted one by one by one axle potentiometer.

- Extended Jamma Pinout



- 1 x MAK Strike Jamma Supergun




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Supergun MAK Strike V3 - Arcade Forge

Supergun MAK Strike V3 - Arcade Forge

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