Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick


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The latest addition to the popular Crown/Samducksa 309 MJ family comes from Korean joystick modder Benylis.

This iteration of the 309 includes an alternative to the well-know Gersung brand microswitch,

switch stability using metal plates, a Samducksa 303 series actuator, and - most noticeable from a glance,

two bright new colors, Yellow and blue



- Made in South Korea

- Recommanded for metal panels

- Connectors: 4.8 mm

- Mounting plate: fits the Sanwa JLF-P standard

- Silicon rubber tension: 35g



- 1 x Samducksa CWL-309MJ-Benylis-ST35 joystick

- 1 x Mouting plate

- 1 x Battop Handle




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Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick

Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick

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