Brook Wingman PS2/PS1 Adapter


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The Brook Super Converter is designed to convert modern gamepad for use in the original FAT or Slim Playstation 2 console, plus the original Playstation 1 or PSOne console.



- Accepts Fightsticks, wired gamepads, and steering wheels amongst other original and 3rd party compatible peripherals across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox360, PS5, PS4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

- Connects to Playstation 2 FAT and Slim consoles, plus original Playstation/PSX consoles including PSOne.

- Switch between PS2 and Xinput (PC) mode via switch

- Supports mapping a single or combination of buttons to a Turbo function for rapid fire play

- Multiple levels of Turbo fire

- Ability to hot-swap peripherals without unplugging the device from the console

- Vibration support when used on PS2 console


The Brook Super Converter is firmware upgradeable, which can be used to improve functionality, and add new features.



- 1 x Brooks Wingman PS2/PS1

- 1 x QR code access to instruction manual




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Brook Wingman PS2/PS1 Adapter

Brook Wingman PS2/PS1 Adapter

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