60 in 1 iCade Classic Arcade


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This board feature 60 of the earliest arcade hits.

This special selection includes Space Invaders, Pacman, Donkey Kong and much more.


A reliable PCB with strong emulation.



- Vertical monitor only

- Video output: CGA through jamma plug or SVGA plug.

- Audio output: Through Jamma plug or Mini-jack output.

- Power supply: Through Jamma plug or Molex ATX input.

- Support up to 2 trackballs

- High Scores saver

- Enable/Disable specific game

- Each game is fully customizable (Difficulty, number of life...)

- Free play or token option




- 1 x 60in1 jamma PCB

- 1 x User's manual




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60 in 1 iCade Classic Arcade

60 in 1 iCade Classic Arcade

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