Mini-PAC - USB Keyboard encoder


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The Mini-PAC is a revolutionary combined Switch/Trackball/Spinner Interface. It is designed so that a complete control panel can be wired up in minutes. Ideal for OEM builders of controllers and cabinets but also suitable for first-time builder.


Switch and Joystick functionality:

The Mini-PAC works identically to I-PAC2 board. All programming features identical, same number of inputs (32). Works in PS/2 or USB mode. For PS/2, you will need the optional PS/2 adaptor.


Trackball and Spinner functionality:

In USB mode only. No extra PC connections are needed, all communications go through one USB cable.

Inputs for one 2-axis devise (trackball) and one single-axis devise (spinner).


The wiring harnesses are available for 32 switches (including joysticks and buttons) and with connection for Ultimarc trackballs and spinners. Along with each switch harness is a "daisy chain" ground harness. The total number of individual sections of wire on these harnesses is over 74, with over 144 terminations.


Each switch wire on the harness is 13 inchies long (330mm). The Mini-PAC board should be mounted near the center of the panel, giving a span between the furthest switches of 26 inchies (660mm). The harness are designed to cover almost all standard size 2 player panels but extension kits are available for longer distances. Ground harness "hops" are 5 inchies each.

If you are building a 4 players panel you can double up on Mini-PACs and harness.


You can make your own wiring harness if you prefer, because the Mini-PAC uses a standard 40 ways 0.1 inch pitch pin header which can connect to a standard IDE dick drive cable, so you can use this inexpensive type of cable as the basis of your wiring.



- 1 x Mini-PAC USB encoder

- 1 x USB cable (lenght: 1,5m)

- 4 x PCB feet




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Mini-PAC - USB Keyboard encoder

Mini-PAC - USB Keyboard encoder

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