PS3 To Jamma for VGA monitors


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The PS3 timer board allows you to connect your PS3 console to a JAMMA cabinet with VGA monitor and play your PS3 games on your arcade machine in time mode or free play.




 - PS3 console only

 - 1P / 2P time counter independent (2 coin slots) or 1P / 2P use one time counter (one coin slot)

 - 1P / 2P time counter displayed on screen independent

 - “Insert coin” prompt on screen

 - “Time out” and “continue” prompt on screen with sound alert

 - Auto back to game menu after “continue” time out

 - One coin play-time can be adjusted from 1-60 minutes by DIP-Switch

 - Attract sound can be enabled or disabled by DIP-Switch

 - Free-play mode can be selected by DIP-Switch

 - Can be connected to a normal TV with VGA input



Package content:


 - PS3 Timer Board

 - Video cable

 - 2 controllers cables




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PS3 To Jamma for VGA monitors

PS3 To Jamma for VGA monitors

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