Trackball LED USB


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LED Arcade Trackball with PS/2 connector and UBS adapter.

This trackball can be connected to your PC via PS/2 port or USB with adapter like a computer mouse under Windows.


It provide X and Y axis control, and 3 separate push buttons (wired with 4.8 mm crimped terminals)


His translucent ball lights in green when connected and turns to red when using a push button.



 - Diameter: 4,5 cm

 - Lenght: 105 mm

 - Width: 100 mm

 - Height: 43 mm

 - Cable lenght: 1,5 m (with 4.8 mm connectors for additional push buttons)


Package content:

- 1 x PS/2 Trackball

- 1 x USB adapter

- 4 x Mounting bolts & nuts




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Trackball LED USB

Trackball LED USB

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