Pandora Box DX 5000 in 1


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Pandora's Box DX features a large selection of 5000 games.

Games can be added in FBA, MAME, PS1, SFC/SNES or Megadrive format.


Pandora's Box DX offers HDMI, SVGA video output for flat monitors,

and an extra 15 Khz CGA output for CRT monitors. 

The main board display 720P (1280x720) but also supports 640x480 resolution output for better compatibility with small LCD monitors.



- Support SNES, Megadrive and PS1 games

- 3 and 4 players games

- Scanlines generator

- High scores save


Onboard I/O interface:

 - 1 x JAMMA interface

 - 1 x VGA connector

 - 1 x HDMI connector

 - 1 x Audio connector 3.5mm

 - 1 x Volume control

 - 1 x UBS2 / Trackball

 - 1 x Power LED


Package include:

 - Pandora Box DX

 - User manual




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Pandora Box DX 5000 in 1

Pandora Box DX 5000 in 1

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