161 in 1 Neo Geo MVS cartridge


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This multigames Neo Geo MVS cartridge combines 161 of the best Neo Geo games.

It requires a single or multi-slot Neo Geo motherboard to run the cartridge.


Games select screen allows you to run game without loading time.

To select an other game just hold down P1 Start for 5 seconds to return to the select screen.


MVS multigames are the best choice among all others multigames PCB, if you want to play only Neo Geo games.

As it uses a genuine Neo Geo motherboard, the game's render is perfect.

We can also provide you a Neo Geo slot with Unibios to activate many features such a

- Region selection to runs game in japanese, US or european version

- Run system in AES or MVS mode

- Activate in game cheat mode, and extra features such as playable boss in Vs fighting games.



- Text games selection screen.

- No hide game function.

- Difficulty and life setting allowed through Bios



- 1 x Neo Geo MVS cartridge Series 2

- 1 x Instructions sticker




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161 in 1 Neo Geo MVS cartridge

161 in 1 Neo Geo MVS cartridge

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