Crown CWL-309 New Helpme DX


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Samducksa original Crown CWL-Helpme joystick was produced using gameplay feedback from Tekken player Helpme.


The New Helpme now has a low-profile collar, adding compatibility with Japanese style S-plate mounts.


This new DX version provides removable battop handle and also features 3 internal adjustements:


- ST-30 Tension Grommet - DX Bobbin:

The new Helpme utilizes a ST-30 grommet, colored violet.

It is a bit softer than the previous Helpme , which has the ST-35 tension grommet.


- Two Actuators Included:

Available with each New Helpme DX are 2 actuators with slight differences in outer diameter.

16.2 mm actuator is suitable for most fighting games such as Street Fighter V or King of Fighters series.

16 mm actuator is designed to address the movement of game characters that need more neutrality (ex: Tekken Mishima). The diagonal is narrower, but neutral range is more effective.

(309MJ joystick are using a 16.0 mm actuators)


- GSM-V1623A3HM Microswitch



- 1 x CWL-309 New Helpme DX Joystick

- 1 x Set of 2 Actuators




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Crown CWL-309 New Helpme DX

Crown CWL-309 New Helpme DX

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