Sigma Hakuryu - Brand New


550,00 €

Data sheet

Board pinout JAMMA with CPS1 Kick Harness
Overall Dimensions 220 x 520 x 90 mm
Video Output RGB & S-Video
Joysticks & buttons Seimitsu Joysticks and buttons

More info

Brand new Sigma Hakuryu with RGB video cable and Jamma harness.

Sigma Hakuryu is the last update of the Sigma Raijin serie.


Play your Jamma PCB on your TV set with real arcade panel.

Plug your jamma PCB to the Sigma Hakuryu and the Sigma Hakuryu to your TV set.



 - 110 / 220 V power supply

 - +5 & +12 V display (with switch)

 - Capcom CPS1 kickharness

 - Turbo fire


Package include:

 - Jamma harness with voltmeter and CPS1 kickharness

 - Composite video cable

 - Box & Manual 





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Sigma Hakuryu - Brand New

Sigma Hakuryu - Brand New

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