Supergun & CPS1/2/3 Kick harness


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Use your Jamma games on your TV set with SCART plug or RCA components video input.


The supergun runs the games by itsetf and you only need an extra ATX power supply and a video cable if you don't have already one in hand.


Controls are handled via 2 Neo Geo joysticks ports in front of the board.

Plug your AES controllers or use custom controllers wired on the DB15 inlet.



 - Dimensions: 100 x 110 mm

 - On/Off Power switch

 - Power supply: Molex connector

 - Video output: Euro SCART, RGB and Composite

 - Sound output: 2 RCA, and SCART

 - Brightness control: High or low

 - Handle up to 6 buttons for multigame compatibility

 - Kickharness input for Capcom CPS1/2/3 games support (Buttons 4,5,6)


Package content:

 - 1 x Jamma 6 buttons Supergun

 - 1 x Multi CPS1/2/3 Kick harness

 - 4 x PCB feet


Extra features (choose from the menu above):

 - ATX power supply 500W, 220v

 - Euro SCART cable: Lenght 1,5m

 - Power cable: Lenght 2,3m



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Supergun & CPS1/2/3 Kick harness

Supergun & CPS1/2/3 Kick harness

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