Kit Sanwa & Buttons with USB encoder


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A complet set of 2 Sanwa joysticks and 15 or 17 push buttons for any projects, custom joysticks, bartop or arcade restoration.


USB controller plug'n play under Raspicade and Recalbox 3.3.

Retropie requires driver's patch. 


Package include:

 - 1 USB encoder

 - 1 Micro-USB cable

 - 1 Full joysticks and pushbuttons wiring harness.

 - 2 Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joysticks.

 - 13 or 15 28mm pushbuttons.

 - 2 Start Push Butons: P1 & P2

 - 4 PCB feet.

 - Instruction manual.


Contact us under contact form after ordering for custom colors kits:

Ball top handles are avaiable in red, vermillon, yellow, orange, green, blue, dark blue, royal blue, pink, purple, white, grey and black.

Push buttons are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white or black.

Players 1&2 start are available in black and white.


Don't forget to upgrade your kit by buying decent microswitchs:

Select from the menu above.

- Standard made in china microswitchs are firm and offers best price.

- Zippy microswitchs are best compromise between price and quality.

- Acemake microswitchs are the best made in china microswitchs, touch is soft and they offer better responses time.

- Cherry are the best microswitchs available. They offer quick response and soft touch. Feeling is quite close to the japanese quality standard for push buttons.





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Kit Sanwa & Buttons with USB encoder

Kit Sanwa & Buttons with USB encoder

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