Pandora 5 Family Edition 960 in 1


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Pandora's Box 5 HD is the Pandora Box serie's latest release.


Pandora Box 960 Family Edition is a stand alone game box without Jamma wiring.

GPIO connector supports direct connection to joysticks, push buttons and speakers.

Sanwa 5 pins Joysticks connectors, and 2.8 mm push buttons crimped terminals.


The board only need to be powered by a 12v power supply (select option from menu above)


Pandora's Box 5 offers HDMI and SVGA video output but can't be connected to a CRT monitor.
The main board display 720P (1280x720) but also supports 1024x768 resolution output for better compatibility with small LCD monitors.




 - CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2Ghz

 - Graphics card: Mali400mp3@600Mhz

 - RAM: DDR3/1866 2GB

 - ROM: MicorSD(TF)512MB & 8GB USB Storage

 - HDMI: HD digital output 720P

 - VGA: 1280 x 720 HD display video output

 - Dimensions : 175mm x 130mm x 40mm



Onboard I/O interface:


 - 1 x VGA connector

 - 1 x HDMI connector

 - 1 x Audio connector

 - 1 x Volume control



Package include:


 - Pandora Box 5

 - Joysticks & Push Buttons harness

 - USB key 8GB

 - User manual




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Pandora 5 Family Edition 960 in 1

Pandora 5 Family Edition 960 in 1

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