Crown CWL-309 Helpme-KMS-ST35 Red


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Samducksa CWL-309 Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 joystick.


The Samducksa's joysticks are using a high density silicon rubber ring for quick return to center.

They are specialy designed for 3D fighting games and are used in many professional tournaments, especialy Tekken's tournaments.



- Made in South Korea

- Connectors: 4.8 mm

- Silicon rubber tension: 35g (25g and 45g high density rubber rings available for more or less tension)



- 1 x Samducksa CWL-309 Helpme K-KMS-ST35 joystick

- 1 x Mouting plate

- 1 x Battop Handle




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Crown CWL-309 Helpme-KMS-ST35 Red

Crown CWL-309 Helpme-KMS-ST35 Red

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