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Jamma PCB

You will find here most of the common arcade systems and games.

Jamma PCB  There are 29 products.


  • Sammy Atomiswave

    The Atomiswave is a 2003 custom arcade system board and cabinet from Sammy Corporation. It is based on Sega's NAOMI system board (thus it's common to see the "Sega" logo on its boot up screen). The Atomiswave uses interchangeable game cartridges.

  • Capcom CPS1, CPS2 & CPS3

    The CP System or CPS-1 is an arcade system board developed by Capcom that ran game software stored on removable ROM cartridges. The CPS-2 was first used in 1993 for Super Street Fighter II. It was successor to their previous CP System arcade hardware.


    The IGS PolyGame Master is an arcade system released by IGS in 1997. Designed to rival the SNK Neo Geo MVS, it borrows many design elements from the MVS, such as a cartridge system. Later on in the IGS PGM life cycle, some games were released in both cartridge form and single PCB form.

  • IGS PGM 2 & 3

    The IGS PolyGame Master 2 is the successor to the IGS Polygame Master, released in 2007.

  • Neo Geo MVS

    The Neo Geo MVS (Multi Video System) offered arcade operators the ability to put up to 6 different arcade titles into a single cabinet, a key economic consideration for operators with limited floorspace. With its games stored on self-contained cartridges.

  • Sega Naomi

    First demonstrated in 1998 the Sega NAOMI is a development of the Dreamcast home game console, They share the same hardware, but the NAOMI has twice as much system memory & video memory.

  • Sega STV

    The Sega ST-V (Sega Titan Video game system) was an arcade system board released by Sega in 1995. Departing from their usual process of building custom arcade hardware, Sega's ST-V is essentially identical to the Sega Saturn home console system.


    The JAMMA wiring standard was introduced in 1985. Arcade cabinets wired to the JAMMA standard can be made to play all games built to this standard. By the 1990s, most new arcade games were JAMMA standard

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Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items