Game King 3000 in 1


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3000 games in one board.

It's the final Killer Instinct edition including hits like Killer Instinct 1 & 2, Tekken 1 & 2, Bloody Roar....


Choose from classic fighters like Street Fighter II EX, King of Fighters, or Final Fight, to great classic shooters like 1945 plus, R-Type, and Aero Fighters 3!


The game selection menu is extremly simple to under stand and navigate. To select a game, simply scroll throught the list and press your button to select. At anytime during the active game, the player can return to main selection menu by holding the start button for 3 seconds.


The 3000 in 1 is a hard drive computer based system. It can support up to 4 players with only one Game King on the same cabinet or via connection to an other JAMMA cabinet.


You need an extra ATX power supply for this PCB (not inclued)


This new Game King hardware:

 - Don't use any additional setup PCB. Fonctions are include into the upper PCB.

 - Don't use any extra kick harness for 5-6 buttons. Game King is wired in Jamma 6 buttons like any other multigame PCB.

 - Inclued 3 & 4 players connection embedded into the upper board via second Jamma 6 buttons plug.


Improved Game King software:

 - Run each game with the best efficiency and accuracy, by using special setup for each game. 

 - Displays vertical games in their proper shape.

 - Improved front end.




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Game King 3000 in 1

Game King 3000 in 1

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